Power of smart cities in your plain sight

Information is the key


Evolving technologies and their complex entities

  • Smart citizens need smart info
  • Living and current situations
  • Easy to access

Steradian is the solution

Power to your brain

  • Simple categorized info
  • Integrate to your website
  • Transparent portal for everyone

Information Platform

A few categories for smart cities


Research and Education

Past and on-going research, labs, educational institutions, and libraries

Computer Science

Companies and startups working on information and computers


Info on production facilities, design and construction domains

External Sources

Mostly used external links for entities and information in your area

Food and Fun

Nutrition info, places to eat, hiking, and adventures

Community Involvement

Parks, community events, social involvement, and recreation


Roadways, railways, airways, and waterways

Expert Info

Experts and professional views and collaborations